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Log Book Service

Poly 4×4’s Car Service “By the Book”

Sometimes known as a hand book service, a logbook service is when your car is serviced in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer specifications. It involves checking and/or replacing certain components and fluids on the vehicle at the time intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

Many people believe they must go back to a car dealership for New Car Log Book servicing in order to maintain the warranty. Actually, the ACCC have consistently confirmed that under Australian Law, you are free to have your car service carried out by a mechanic or service centre of your choice provided they are qualified to do so. Click here to see the formal ACCC statement.

Poly 4x4s Service Team Members are fully qualified to perform log book servicing.

What is a Vehicle Log Book ?

A vehicle log book is a guide provided by the vehicle manufacturer’s containing information on the specified or recommended service requirements. It guides your mechanic on exactly what needs attention at that specific service interval. It is also used as record of Services performed. Completing these services on time helps to preserve your vehicle’s re-sale value, extend the life of the car and to maintain the warranty.

Who can Stamp my Log Book ?

The log book in some vehicles includes a box which indicates that it should be stamped by an ‘authorised dealer’. The ACCC have confirmed that even if a log book is labelled in this way,       Poly 4×4 may sign or stamp the relevant page your service log book without it affecting the manufacturer’s warranty.

Poly 4×4’s Service Centre is fully qualified to carry out your log book service and verify your log book service records.

Will having my Log Book stamped enhance my cars resale value?

Evidence of a well maintained car will usually augur well for upholding resale value.

What is a warranty?

A warranty is a voluntary promise offered by the person or business who sold the product or service to you. A warranty is in addition to any rights you have under the ACL. You can find out more about warranties in general here.

What is a Manufacturer Warranty?

A Manufacturer or Dealer warranty is a promise to the consumer that a vehicle will be free from defects for a certain period of time and that any defects will entitle the consumer to a repair or other compensation. These are offered in addition to your consumer guarantees.

Will Servicing at poly 4×4 Void My Warranty?

No. Poly 4×4 will service your car and protect your new car warranty and your consumer guarantees.

How Does poly 4×4’s Workshop Protect My Warranty?

To protect your new car warranty a workshop needs to follow a set of guidelines when servicing your car.  These include using quality spare parts from reputable suppliers plus lubricants and fluids that met manufacturer’s specifications. They must conduct the service in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and be carried out by staff trained, supervised and suitably qualified. If you have any questions, Poly 4×4’s Service centre will be happy to answer them or you can read more from the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association on new car servicing here.

What if I have a warranty claim?

If you have a warrantable defect it may be a condition of the warranty that any work to rectify it is carried out at the Dealer workshop.


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